Soluzioni - Pompelmi - Confezionamento

Capable of supplying individual components, Sermac is proud of providing complete and customised solutions able to satisfy the customer's specific needs. For example, a palletizing system along with strapping and wrapping machines besides a conveyor system can be supplied to obtain a tailor-made product meeting the most peculiar needs.

Our palletizing systems are controlled by a single supervision system that monitors all parts of the packing line. Products can be packed and managed automatically and in a personalised way according to the specific needs of the customer, from the supermarket to the retailer.

Packing with preselection

Essential in the preselection process. Bins filling is achieved delicately and optimally. These machines are driven by a microprocessor that controls all operations automatically. The belt conveyor transports the product delicately and the special rotating disc distributes it evenly without damaging it.

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