Soluzioni - Limoni - Selezione

It is the core of the entire processing plant. Sermac graders are designed to ensure the required performance over time. Sermac engineers' experience and competence makes it possible to develop systems and solutions that satisfy any need concerning time schedules, space and production reduction.

An overall guarantee. Sermac's wide range of graders can sort any type of product with precision and reliability. The graders can sort fruits and vegetables by weight, shape, size, internal and external quality, defects, Brix degrees and colour thanks to a tested cutting-edge technology guaranteed over time with on-line assistance. New technology is implemented in plants only after undergoing repeated checks and tests under the most severe conditions.

Easy to use

The use of cutting-edge technology does not affect in any way the machine ease of use. Software controlling the graders has been expressly designed to be easy to use, user friendly and according to customer needs.
The machine can be quickly set according to your needs by means of an easy to use display. The modularity of our machines and flexibility of our engineers' design techniques allow us to meet the user's most peculiar needs, including routine and extraordinary maintenance made easier.

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