Feeding is one of the plant's main processing stages. It is the production line starting point and therefore, it is necessary and essential that it is designed and manufactured focusing on the product fragility and type of container used for packing (bins or crates).
Ser.mac, being aware of this aspect, designs and manufactures self-adjusting dry bin dumpers and gentle dumpers using water for delicate products.
Bin emptying is achieved gradually and seamlessly thanks to a new technology that can be perfectly implemented in our machines. Bin feeding on the dumper can be performed using a transpallet or a forklift.


It is the core of the entire processing plant. Sermac graders are designed to ensure the required performance over time. Sermac engineers' experience and competence makes it possible to develop systems and solutions that satisfy any need concerning time schedules, space and production reduction.

An overall guarantee. Sermac's wide range of graders can sort any type of product with precision and reliability. The graders can sort fruits and vegetables by weight, shape, size, internal and external quality, defects, Brix degrees and colour thanks to a tested cutting-edge technology guaranteed over time with on-line assistance. New technology is implemented in plants only after undergoing repeated checks and tests under the most severe conditions.

Easy to use

The use of cutting-edge technology does not affect in any way the machine ease of use. Software controlling the graders has been expressly designed to be easy to use, user friendly and according to customer needs.
The machine can be quickly set according to your needs by means of an easy to use display. The modularity of our machines and flexibility of our engineers' design techniques allow us to meet the user's most peculiar needs, including routine and extraordinary maintenance made easier.



Capable of supplying individual components, Sermac is proud of providing complete and customised solutions able to satisfy the customer's specific needs. For example, a palletizing system along with strapping and wrapping machines besides a conveyor system can be supplied to obtain a tailor-made product meeting the most peculiar needs.

Our palletizing systems are controlled by a single supervision system that monitors all parts of the packing line. Products can be packed and managed automatically and in a personalised way according to the specific needs of the customer, from the supermarket to the retailer.

Packing with preselection

Essential in the preselection process. Bins filling is achieved delicately and optimally. These machines are driven by a microprocessor that controls all operations automatically. The belt conveyor transports the product delicately and the special rotating disc distributes it evenly without damaging it.

Feeding - Dry bin dumpers

The continuous self-adjusting bin dumpers are appropriate for dumping fruits and vegetables.

Product quality is ensured via an accurate unloading system design. Various bin heights ranging from 1250 to 1550 mm can be handled for fruit unloading. Moreover, automatic and/or manual bin dumpers feature a device for varying production.


Feeding - Brushing/washing

These machines have been designed to eliminate all impurities.

Appropriate nozzles placed above the rolls spay water at an adjustable pressure making the operation of the rolls cleaning the product easier.


Sorting - Singulation

V-shaped belts precisely pre-align every type of product, improving the performances of the following stage (grading) considerably. By means of variable speed belt pairs fitted to pulleys, they can considerably reduce the passage of product and sort continuously and precisely. This is done to perform loading of the product on the grader seamlessly and continuously with a filling percentage exceeding 70-80% based on the type of fruit.


Sorting - Calibrage

The flow of fruit coming from singulation is received by the grader whose purpose is to transport the individual product to the appropriate exit.

The loading belt consists of one or more conveyor lines that in the first section are inclined to enable product loading on the wagon. Then they go through the weighing area where the product is weighed and its position recorded. The PC is programmed to store the data and position of each fruit. In this way, the operator sets the product exit lines for following processing and the PC stores the data of each single fruit in order to carry out a count of the processed batch at the end of the cycle. After processing the signal, the PC decides which exit is appropriate for the analysed product. When the cup containing the analysed fruit reaches the programmed exit area, the PC will send a signal to an electromagnet that will delicately unload the fruit from the wagon to the exit belt.

The fruit exits have been programmed by the operator according to collection and packing requirements.

All product exits work in the same way but for the last exit that instead is equipped with a cup grader with fixed device to collect all out-of-specification product in relation to the program set by the operator.


Packing - Packing

Essential in the plant final process. They allow optimal and delicate filling of bins or crates. The machines are controlled by an electronic system that adjusts them automatically. The belt conveyor transfers the product to the rotating disc that distributes it in the bins delicately and evenly.


Packing - Palletizing

Last but not less important stage of a plant is palletizing. Boxes of various types are stacked on pallets by means of cutting-edge systems and are prepared for transport according to national and international metric standards.

The palletizer can be placed in strategic points thanks to its dynamic structure ensuring great performance even in complex environments. Ease of use, maintenance and safety are only some of the different strong points of this type of technology.


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