The company was established in 1990. From the beginning its mission was founded on continuous research and development of extremely technological new products and systems. Adding long experience to this quality, all software and technology have been tailor-made to meet any customer need.

The Company was able to enhance its leadership and a steady business growth in its own sector of reference through technological innovation and dedicated operating processes: manufacturing of machines and plants for processing (treatment, grading, sorting quality, colour, weight and defects) and packing fresh fruits and vegetables. Ser.mac produces and manufactures high-tech products capable of valuing the appearance, nutritional and organoleptic properties of products with the aim of preserving and ensuring the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables, the main prerogative for the marketing sector as well as large and small distribution networks


Although 2011 was a year characterised by the economical crisis, the Company has obtained great results in Italy and foreign countries as well thanks to the quality of its products and its know-how. Ser.mac has stood out as the leader in designing and installing plants for processing saturn peaches (paraguayo), avocados, tomatoes, citrus fruits, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, apricots, persimmons, pomegranates, plums, kiwis and courgettes, just to mention a few.

In Italy Ser.mac has established itself as a manufacturer of highly innovative plants for processing apples and pears, in collaboration with three major Italian companies: Apo Veneto Friulana, F.lli Spreafico, Agrintesa, that have been appreciating the precision, reliability of plants, dedicated technical solutions, product care and excellent after-sales service.


Important achievements allow our customers to have a true partner. Ser.mac faces the market's challenges and contributes to the worldwide success of its customers thanks to its thirty year experience and know-how in the fruit and vegetable sector and painstaking dedication to quality of products

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