29 September 2016

Daytona Kiwi Berry: latest technology born in Ser.mac

Daytona Kiwi Berry: latest technology born in Ser.mac

It is a full 4-channel line: power, presorting, grading and wrap counters. The sorter Daytona has a new software developed entirely by Ser.mac which identifies diameter, color, soft and external quality. We speak about a completely new technology: unlike others, who take a lot of pictures to identify defects through photographic comparison, new Ser.mac’s optical system replicates, improves, human vision. In order to allow customers to select and maintain high quality standards. Being among the first systems designed for minikiwi, the few producers of this fruit, both in Europe and in the rest of the world, will be certainly sensitized.

 The new electronics is running in plants for blueberries, kiwis and cherries. Ser.mac has already installed lines with the same system also for citrus and other fruits. During the last Macfrut, in Rimini, many visitors were impressed by the new technology: in tests that were performed live, the software identified on time even defects that traders did not expect were captured. Baby kiwis, blueberries and cherries are the starting point of this new project developed by Ser.mac.

 The exclusive marketing rights of the baby-kiwi Nergi in Italy is Ortofruit of Saluzzo (Cuneo), which installed the machine in August. "We are very pleased with the plant - said Romualdo Riva, sales manager for Ortofruit Italy - Ser.mac is a dynamic company that has been able to satisfy our demands with a job that would define tailored-made. We had the need to use the same machine both forr nergy and blueberries, two similar but different fruits, and in fact Daytona works well both for determining the quality and sorting of both".

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